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Name Designer Type Description
ANACONDA Alex Bagosy Strategic Card Game ANACONDA is a two player card game representing the Naval aspects of the American Civil War. Both sides play very differently, with USN strategy primarily focused upon defense, and CSN strategy focused primarily upon defense. I can run up to three sessions at once, for a total of six players.
Cascade Joe Brogno, Joe & Joe Games 56-card strategy game Short game to 6 points. Stack piles to 30 to gain points but don't go bust! Use the rare special cards to mess with your opponents' plans and ensure your victory!

This session will be a blind test with the designer observing but not assisting players.

Charge! Chris Renshall, TGIK Games Real Time Filler Charge! is a real time, fast paced army building filler game. Each player is a General working to build an army and sabotage their enemies army while trying to avoid sabotage themselves. Charge! can be played by as many players as there are unique decks, 4-6 players works best.
Fabergé Chickens Patrick Marino and Jim DiCamillo, Guilderland Games Design Group Dice rolling, movement programming, set collection Before there could be the famous Fabergé Eggs farmers had to raise the less famous Fabergé Chickens. Players take on the roll of chickens who try to eat up enough of the special feed to lay the most highly adorned Fabergé egg. The chicken that lays the best egg wins, while the others become dinner!
Fight Night Joe Brogno, Joe & Joe Games Deck Building Boxing Game Gotta train before the big fight! Choose a trainer and a boxer. Draft your moves with energy and when training is over, put your deck to the test! Use the ring to decide priority and extra cards. Try for the TKO or outlast their deck.
Flowchart Tim Fowers Abstract Fighting Game Flowchart Fighter is a two player micro game where you are both unique fighters from the world of Fantasy Strike. As you play you are building the logical "brain" of your fighter during the game. This represents his training and combos. Plan ahead and predict your opponent to win.
Goblin Toboggan Patrick Marino, Guilderland Games Design Group Tile laying, card management, strategic movement, backstabbing In Goblin Toboggan, players must guide their toboggan down a dangerous mountain while dodging obstacles on the route, cutthroat attacks from their opponents, and the avalanche crashing down the mountain behind them. Each round players add a new row to the track, rotating each tile to their own advantage, once the tiles are placed the toboggans move and the attacks and counter attacks fly. During the movement phase players utilize the effects of mischief cards to attack their opponents, give themselves advantages, and manipulate the mountain itself. The player who blazes the best trail through tile laying, card management, and strategic movement will win by crossing the finish line first - or at least by surviving the avalanche the longest!
Heist Tim Fowers Cooperative Four-player cooperative game where you assemble your team to break into a highly secure building. Avoid the guards, because if anyone gets caught, it's all over. Puzzle your way around the many different alarm systems. Use your unique powers and find awesome gadgets along the way. Open all three safes and escape to the roof where your helicopter awaits!
High School Horror Movie Trey Alsup Hidden Role High School Horror Movie is a hidden role game where each player vies to determine the outcome of a teenage horror genre movie. Who will live? Who will love? Who will Werewolf? 5-10 players, 60-90 min
Hooch Jason Washburn, Talon Strikes Studios Board Hooch is a game set during the Prohibition Era of the 20th Century. Players build a Criminal Syndicate from the ground up, earning Respect Points by completing missions, attacking opposing Store Fronts and making bathtub gin. From back alley deals to buying your way into City Hall, Hooch has it all.
Infamous: Pirates & Hunters Dan Blanchett, Rogue Asylum Card Game Take on the role of a pirate from the Golden Age as you capture ships for loot, all the while avoiding pirate hunters, the gallows, maelstroms, mutiny and other pirates intent on stealing for hard-won booty. If you're the first pirate to escape with 10,000 in gold, you win! 2-4 players, 30-60 min
Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection Harold Buchanan Card Driven 4 player Wargame A unique multi-faction treatment of the American Revolution, Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will take 1 to 4 players between lines of clashing red and blue infantry, Indian raids, European politics, British control of the seas, French intervention, and the propaganda war.
Merchants of the Void Roger Cotton, Armchair Adventuring Space Trader Board Game The focus of this space trader board game is to manage your crew members' Morale in order to increase their efficiency and loyalty; all while interacting and negotiating with treacherous alien merchants across the galaxy.
Micromanage Dave Berlin, Galvanized Studios Social, card game Micromanage is a corporate-themed, social card game for 2-6 players. Players act as middle managers, hiring employees to maximize productivity and completing goals to earn Gold Stars. The player with the most Gold Stars at the end of the game wins!
No-Name-Game Derik Duley, Lagniappe Games Drafting A light game for 2 - 6 players. Usually takes 15 - 25 minutes for a playthrough. Players draft Dragon eggs and spend turns hatching them to build the most powerful Dragon army. Some eggs have powerful abilities which affect other eggs and other players. Moderate player interaction.
Priests of Olympus Aidan Short, TGIK Games Strategy Priests of Olympus is a turn-based strategy game in which players take on the role of Olympic gods, moving their priests around the board to compete for the devotion of the local populace.
Project Dreamscape Will and Sarah Reed Tactical Card Game Project Dreamscape is a 2-4 player game in which you are participants in a scientific study of dreams. You must control and craft your dreams carefully to form long chains and thus score the highest points in the study evaluation. The player with the highest points is declared the ultimate test subject.

This session will be a blind test. The designer will not be present. A Galvanized Studios representative will run the session, but will not be assisting players.

Roll Camera Tovarich Pizann Family card game In Roll Camera, each player takes on the role of a Hollywood studio executive, using their staff of movie making professionals to try and lure the most famous actors in to appear in their projects.
Spy Guys Tovarich Pizann Family card game In Spy Guys, players race to prove they are the greatest espionage agent the world has ever scene by being the first to locate their Mission Objectives and then enact a daring escape!
Starcade Derak Morrell, Never Peak Games Micro Starcade is a micro card/dice game that hints to favorite video games like Galaga and FTL. 1-3 people can play Starcade. There are multiple modes to play in: a single player campaign, multiplayer pvp and multiplayer co-op.
Undercover Trey Alsup Semi-Co-op In Undercover, you play the head of one of the crime families of New York. Unfortunately not all of your fellow Mafiosas are on the level. Each turn, the capos meet to decide what crimes they will perform and which soldiers to send. 45-60 minutes. 5-10 players
Untitled Train Game Tovarich Pizann Light strategy card game It's poker with power - firepower! Use the cards in your hand to move your bandits up the train or move the lawmen to defend it. When the bullets start flying, the best poker hand wins the day! Will the lawmen get the payroll to town, or will the bandits derail the goods? 2 or 4 players
Upheaval John White, Sirbob Role Selection As all 12 citizens walk about the kingdom you are you use them to serve your purpose. Each day the citizens will have different amounts of motivation or focus (value 1-6). You drive the city's focus and win by managing all 4 motivations (Rule, Profit, Build, Control).
ZigZag, Jump, Bump & Swap Joe Brogno, Joe & Joe Games Chess-like race with interactive board Navigate your party of 4 mutation experiments, code names: ZigZag, Jump, Bump, & Swap, to the LAST escape pod on the ship! Be careful of the "Inversion Zones" and other perils while you try to get the right number of pieces to each Nexus (Gate)! Mess with your opponents as much as possible!
Zond Alex Bagosy Dice Building/Resource Management A somewhat idealized version of the Space Race, using dice combinations to complete missions in the race to get to the Moon from the launch of Sputnik I in 1957 to 1977. For 2 to 5 players. Represent the American, Chinese, European, Soviet, or Zambian Space Programs in an effort to make history.

Fall 2014 Event


Thank you very much to our sponsors for helping us to make Unpub Mini San Diego a great event!



Galvanized Studios

Galvanized Studios

Galvanized Studios, a San Diego-based game design company, organized Unpub Mini San Diego because there was nothing like it going on in the area. The company is working on its first game, Micromanage, a corporate-themed social card game for 2-6 players, and is currently seeking a publisher. After meeting other local game designers and seeing a lack of opportunities to get game designers and game players together, Galvanized Studios decided to host its own Unpub Mini in San Diego.



Unpub, or The Unpublished Games Network, supports the game design and development community by organizing events designed to help unpublished games and their designers receive public playtests and feedback. These events are open to anyone who wishes to attend and play these games. Players are asked to evaluate the games based on their tastes and provide constructive criticism in the form of verbal and written feedback.

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